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Curt Goeders

"Yoga For Everybody And Every Body"

I recieved my cetification from Bikram's Yoga College in 2012.  I have been practicing this style of yoga since December of 2009, and teaching it beginning in December of 2012.  I have been fortunate enough to particpate in a number of sport specific exercises and a large number of workout regiments.  These would include but not be limited to; running, weight lifting, pilates, and areobics.  Nothing I have tried has come close to the complete and total body workout regiment that is the 26/2 (26 postures and 2 breathing exercises) yoga practice that is known as Bikram Yoga.  When I teach this class, my goal is to help you to learn how to exert yourself to the point you are going just past your compfort zone, but not over your edge.  Doing this means learning how to breathe properly while your body is exerting itself.  The other thing you should know about my class is that for the most part, I am a non-contact teacher.  If you have an incorrect grip, or if I feel you are moving to fast or exerting yourself too much, I will help correct you.  Otherwise, I think it is important for you to develop your pose in a way that is comfortable for you.  If you maintain a focus on setting the pose up correctly, and moving into the pose slowly, you'll be able to realize where your body's imbalances exist, and you'll go along way towards making the necessary corrections you need to make in order to improve your practice.  During the class, my instruction will place you into the anitomically correct positioin, and from there you will move into the pose to the best of your abiliity.  You will soon realize (after 4 or 5 classes) that by practicing in the correct way, your body will continually become stronger,more flexible, and you'll acheive better balance and focus.  

I am passionate about the original HOT YOGA 26+2 open-eye moving meditation practice. This is the perfect workout, period. I beleive this yoga practice will be your best workout, best massage, and your best therapy session all rolled into one. 

Hot Yoga Room;

There are a number of great benefits to practicing yoga in a heated room. It is a little daunting at first, but once you get acclimated you’ll realize the hot room is your friend.

First off, you will be more flexible and less prone to injuring yourself during your practice. In addition, there is a greater release of oxygen from the blood stream into your muscles while working in a heated room. Also, there is a much greater vasal dilatation (expansion) of blood cells embedded in the walls of your arteries while exercising in a hot room. This expansion of the arties allows for an increased flow of blood.  With an increase in the flow of your blood throughout your body, you can and will acheive an expassion of your blood vessel's and blood corpulese.  This increase in overall volume of blood flow, and the expasion of the movement of blood into your body, will be of great benefit to all of the organs, glands, joints, muscles, ligiments, tendons, and cells in your body. 

How HOT is the room?

I prefer to keep our yoga room anywhere between 100 and 103 degrees during class.  I am not a big beleiver of in having a yoga room that is heated to over 105 degrees.  At some point, the law of diminishing returns takes over. 

What to bring / How to prepare

1) Be on time. Arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the start of class.

2) Wear comfortable clothing. Preferably something you do not mind sweating in.

3) Please do not eat prior to coming to class. You will perform better while practicing yoga on an empty stomach.

4) Bring a water bottle, yoga mat, and a yoga towel to lay down over your matt. If you would like, you can rent a towel and / or mat here at the studio.  They are $2.00 a pieice.  

5) Act in a kind and generous manner towards your fellow yogis. Positive vibes and good karma go a long way towards ensuring everyone benefits from class.

6) If you have a cough or if you have a fever, please stay home.

Posted On Tue May 25th 2021

Alice P Nelson

Alice is certified to teach both Bikram and Kripalu yoga.  She is also Mad Dogg certified in spinning.  She has been teaching fitness since the early 1990's, starting with step aerobics, weight classes and pool aerobics.  Alice owned and managed Bikram Yoga Rumson in New Jersey from 2000 to 2005. She's an avid cyclist, crossing the USA by bicycle in 2006 to raise awareness for the Amercian Lung Association. She a very grateful she found yoga. She uses it to enhance all of her life experiences, and uses yoga tools to enhance all life has to offer.  

Posted On Thu July 08th 2021