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Our Yoga Classes:


Designed as a moving meditation. Practiced in a hot (but not too hot) room.

A perfectly sequenced series of 26 beginning yoga postures. Each posture you move into helps set your body up for the next posture you perform.

Taught with detailed instructions. Once you become proficient in the series, you’ll actually leave the studio with more energy than when you walked in!

We want you to develop your 26/2 yoga practice in a way that is comfortable for you, and one that’s based on your present physical condition. If you’re looking for yoga that will aid you with physical therapy, this yoga will be one that you want to try.

If you’re training for an athletic event, this yoga will help you improve your stamina, flexibility, strength, and your ability to focus.

If you’re somewhere in-between rehab and event training, you’ll discover our yoga to be invaluable to your overall health and well being.

The 26/2 hot yoga practice is the best yoga practice for mind, body, and spirit. It takes time to learn the poses, but once you do, your body changes.

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CLASSES Come prepared. If it’s your first time visiting with us please try to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to class. Wear comfortable clothing. Preferably something you do not mind sweating in. It’ll be best if you practice yoga on an empty stomach. Please do not eat prior to coming to class. Bring a water bottle. You can rent yoga mats and towels here at the studio.

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