Come prepared. If it’s your first time visiting with us please try to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to class. Wear comfortable clothing. Preferably something you do not mind sweating in. It’ll be best if you practice yoga on an empty stomach. Please do not eat prior to coming to class. Bring a water bottle. You can rent yoga mats and towels here at the studio.

Pricing and Memerships

26 + 2 Hot Yoga Single Class

Visiting from out of town, trying to decide if our studio is right for you, bringing a friend? Then consider purchasing our low price single class.

5 Pack Class Card

Not sure how much time you have to practice. Consider our 5 class card. It’s a 13% savings compared to the drop in price. Your 5 class pack is good for six months!

30 Pack Class Card

Want a great cash price? Our 30 pack class card is a 33% savings versus our drop-in rate for the Hot Yoga sessions. If you’re not able to attend a class every week, the 30 pack is a great option. Your 30 pack is good for 12 months, and you can share the card with friends and family.

Three Month Unlimited

Pay by check or credit card every three months. Best Deal! This equates to $17.31 per week. Practice twice a week for $8.65 per class, or as often as six times a week for $2.88 per class session

Monthly Auto Renewal

Our best deal! You can use debit from checking or credit card payment. Practice twice a week and its $8.65 per class session. Practice six times a week and your paying $2.88 per class session. Cancel anytime.

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Phone/Text: 941-524-8743

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